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Product Description Writing

It is the start of a long journey to develop a product with challenges such as promoting it in a crowded market and selling. Right from generating a unique proposition for the product to market positioning, a strong marketing team is required along with supporting product description to promote the product.

This is where Adept Data Services’ dedicated product or service description writing services are used. Outsourcing product description writing services to Adept Data services means every statement stands the hallmark of marketing skill. Our idea is to create captivating product descriptions for consumers and help them develop an affinity for the product and help customer sales.

Product Description Writing Services, We Offer

Adept Data Services offers precise product and service description writing services that help -

  • Increase sales with suggestive and descriptive product or service descriptions
  • Persuade customers about the benefits of the product or service
  • Market the product or service online

Sometimes it may appear an easy task but product and service descriptions are a lot more than simply transcribing what's on the label of a product.

Adept Data Services writes product and service descriptions in simple and clear language, conspicuously highlighting the unique selling proposition and giving potential customers information that will enable them in purchasing the product.

Product Description Writing Process

With the competition at its highest and packed market place, it is significant that a correct process is in place. This certifies that there is no miscommunication and everybody is on the same platform. Our process confirms that both the customer and Adept Data Services benefits from it and helps in achieving the end result more thoroughly.

Step 1: Scope Product Marketing Strategy
Discuss with client on product positioning before and strategy to promote product

Step 2: Occupy in Competitive Research
Market Research carried out to understand product positioning

Step 3: Outline Product Description Brief
Discuss brief with client along with research inputs

Step 4: Define Timelines, Costs, Team and SLA
Organize writers and project managers based on scope, size and costing of project

Step 5: Initiate Product Description Project
Make product description based on briefing making it ready to market

Step 6: Language and Quality Check
Achieve multiple quality checks for facts, figures, context and correct errors, if any

Step 7: Upload Documents
Finished Project documents uploaded or mailed according to method required by client

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Description Writing to Adept Data Services

  • More potential customers due to judicious presentation of opinions
  • Better branding through latest marketing techniques
  • Higher conversion ratio of consumers with correct and honest product communication
  • Backed by highly skilled team of marketers, writers and SEO experts
  • Help product or service stand out in the market
  • Help save costs of setting up an in-house team
  • Diverse writing backgrounds and experiences of writers help with expert in a specific field
  • Ensure reaching a wider audience where content is written to a defined target audience
  • Exposure to writing marketing content, product / service descriptions & search engine friendly content
  • Highly interactive with customers
  • Incorporating insights and writing reader-friendly content
  • Researching and understanding product and competitors
  • Relevant and original content
  • Website ranks higher in a web search helping create Better visibility on search engine

Outsource Product Description Writing Services to India

Adept Data Services has been providing a wide range of writing services from the last 18+ years. Customers can outsource these services to us and increase access to professional writers who understand marketing communication well and are experts at it.

Additionally, with most product and service descriptions being made existing online, we make sure that the product and service descriptions are digital-ready where customers can find information in the easiest possible way.

When you outsource product description writing services to us, you get full support from our dedicated professionals. Clients searching for a trustworthy company to write marketable product or service description can feel free to Contact us at Adept Data Services.

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