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ePub Conversion Services

Are you getting the benefits of ePub services for your business? ePub is globally accepted standard eBook format. ePub is standard format which convert all other formats such as PDF, HTML, XML, Quark, RTF, InDesign etc. into a digital eBook which can be easily read on any electronic device with a compatible reading application.

At Adept Data Services, you get a complete range of ePub conversion services and formatting from Quark, Word, PDF, InDesign and other input files. We have been serving ePub conversion services from the last 12+ years to writers, libraries, universities and publishers worldwide. Our professionals have the capability to manage all conversions whether it is book to eBook or book to ePub or any other kind of conversion. Our comprehensive conversion services help all kinds of eBook publishers. Outsource ePub conversion services to Adept Data Services and cut your cost up to 60% or more.

Our ePub Process

Our ePub process goes through simple three steps that ensure 99.99% accuracy.

First: We receive files via secure FTP server or encrypted emails from clients for converting into ePub.

Second: Our professionals manually do the ePub conversions to make exact formatting with no errors (similiar to source html to PDF files).

Third: After making sure that everything is okay in files, we deliver converted files to clients via secured FTP or encrypted email.

Formats We Work On

We work on almost all types of input formats that include:

  • Manuscript
  • PageMaker Image
  • Scanned Copies
  • Print Copies/Hard Copies
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • Quark
  • Text and more

Benefits of outsourcing ePub Conversion Services to Adept Data Services

You get many benefits when you outsource ePub conversion services to Adept Data Services. Some of them are as below.

Experience: We have 12+ years of experience in ePub conversion services and serving libraries, corporations, universities and multinational companies worldwide.

Accuracy: To give you 99.99% accuracy, our professionals make sure that every heading; table, graph or footnote is accurately converted and formatted.

Flexibility: Our flexible ePub conversion services meet your ePub requirement completely. 

Precise fixed layout services: Our fixed layout and ePub conversion services develop e-books with exact layouts or formatting.

ePub Format: Our professionals are expert to work on any format such as WORD, PDF, Quark, InDesign, RTF, XML, HTML and others.

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