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Database Development & Migration

Database management is an important aspect to thrive of any business. The data should be effectively organize and manage for their easy retrieval and storage purposes. It is also necessary that data stored in this way that it can be easily retrieved and transferred in the case of any update or change occurs. Database development and migration services are essential for the successful preservation of a company’s information.

It can be a challenging task to migrate data from existing to a new database. Companies may have lack finances, technical expertise or the time to perform this task. The best solution to perform this task is to outsource database development and migration services to an expert service provider company.

Adept Data Services is an experienced service provider company who provides you customized solution for your database development and migration need. Our professionals are adept in tailoring databases that meets your business requirements.

Range of our database development and migration services:

We provide a wide range of database development and migration services that include:

  • Development of ASP, CGI, PHP, PERL Inherited Applications Based on Web
  • Development of MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, Visual Basic, Foxpro Based Databases
  • Executing Logical and Physical Design of Database
  • Determining user Requirements Analysis
  • Development of Indexing Strategy
  • Creation of Strategies for Backup and Recovery
  • Stored Procedures Development
  • Database Analysis, Design & Development using a variety of Platforms

Database Migration Services which include:

  • Migrating Databases
  • Analyzing and Defining Source Structure
  • Defining Migration Process
  • Analyzing and Defining Target Database Structure
  • Performing Field Mapping
  • Implementing Migration Process
  • Migrating Applications within the same Platform
  • Transfering Applications from one Technology/Platform to another

Why you should choose Adept Data Services for database development and migration services?

Cost-effective Services: We provide a cost-effective database development and migration services in which you can save Upto 60% of your cost.

Adherence to Data Quality Management Norms: We are strict to the data quality management level and make sure that you get 99.99% accuracy in quality.

Latest Technology: You can take benefits of our latest technology as we have all up-to-date technology to complete projects quickly.

Regular Communication: We keep regular communication with you to do any update in your database.

Skilled database migration professionals: We have skilled and experienced database migration experts to work on your project. 

Data security and confidentiality: We keep your data secure and make you sure that will not share with anyone in any situation.

Customized services: We provide a customize solution for your database development and migration requirement.

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