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Scanning and Indexing Services

Do you want to reduce your dependence on paper and want to make a paperless environment in your premises?

Generally, Information on paper documents is difficult to retrieve and share. On the other hand storing files and hard copy documents have been becoming a major problem for businesses. A paper takes lot of space and makes us difficult to find relevant information. To keep maintain paper documents requires a specialized staff and knowledge. At Adept Data Services, you get a comprehensive, adaptable and affordable scanning and indexing services.

Our data entry specialists convert your paper-based documents into an editable and electronic format so that you can easily access and retrieve information. We are expert in handling any type of data in a given time period. We have high quality scanners to scan your all size documents. We deliver you scanned documents via email, CD or FTP as per your choice.

Our document scanning and indexing services include:

  • Catalog scanning and indexing
  • Photo scanning
  • Manual scanning and indexing
  • Book scanning and indexing
  • Handwritten documents scanning and indexing
  • Invoice scanning and indexing
  • Medical record scanning and indexing
  • Microfilm/Microfiche scanning and indexing

Benefits of outsourcing document scanning and indexing services to Adept:

  • We have high speed scanners to scan your pages and can scan more than 5,000 pages every day.
  • We can scan all size of pages with highest resolution.
  • Our professionals are also adept in reading barcode while indexing your documents.
  • We have latest OCR tools to digitize a document’s text and data.
  • We make you sure that you can access and retrieve required information easily and quickly.
  • You can get scanning and indexing services at very reasonable price and in quick turnaround time.

We can provide you scanned and indexed documents in the following digital formats:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • EPS
  • Any other format you might prefer

Hire our document scanning and indexing services team to speed up your in-house processes. Our experts not only help you in improving quality or accuracy but also provide support to complete large volume projects easily and timely.

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