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Data Matching & De-duplication

Data matching and deduplication are tasks of serious requirement for any enterprise. ‘Data Matching’ / ‘Data Mapping’ (equivalent terms) allows you to reduce data duplication, therefore improving the accuracy of data in a data source. Comparing data supports you to evaluate the level of duplication against pre-decided match grades or criteria, giving you possible match sets of the files or records compared. You can ultimately update data for your business by finally deciding which records are matches and therefore take suitable action on the source data.

Searching and eliminating duplication within data is called data deduplication, without compromising the reliability or veracity of data. Lots of data in any business is duplicate and dismissed. The basic objective of de-duplication is to save administrative cost in terms of storage, retrieval and achieve optimal results through mass mailing, making the most of the marketing budget.

At Adept Data Services, we provide data deduplication services to make sure that there are no duplicate entries in the database, so that you do not waste your money or efforts, or appear unprofessional, by using redundant data to base your decisions on, or contacting the same person multiple times. That is why it becomes mission critical to remove or resolve records that frequent your database.

What Our Product Data Deduplication Services Include?

Here’s how we proceed with our product data matching & de-duplication process:

Data Matching: We map fields and match records between your data sources to filter the related and critical information.

Data Merging: Mixing complementing and related data from multiple sources for well-organized storage and navigation clear of data scatter.

Data Purging: Eliminating unwanted and duplicate information to get a clean database.

Benefits of product data de-duplication:

  • Capacity optimization and scrambling matching with faster back-up systems to boost performance
  • Consistency, data security and data integrity
  • Centralized back-up data
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption
  • Effective data recovery (in the event of data corruption)
  • Fast transmission of data in the network

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