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Product Data Normalization

Make sure the integrity of your eCommerce data with accurate standardization!

Adept Data Services expert in normalizing eCommerce data from multiple sources, adhering to defined requirements, and ensuring correct alignment and definitions. Without organized execution of suitable attribute values, inconsistent data expressively reduces the accuracy of majority of data processing activities, critically impacting the functions of your eCommerce website, like faceted search results, cross-selling /up-selling prompts, and product comparison, etc. De-normalized data also misleads the scope and size of the product databases, with complex levels of internal duplication.

Bespoke Product Data Normalization Procedures at Adept Data Services

For big eCommerce stores that frequently stock hundreds of matching products with marginal differences in product attribute – structured, normalized attributes become essential for faceted product navigation. To standardize the key fields in eCommerce product data, Adept Data Services has created systematic procedures that can be personalized to the specific requirements of individual clients. Our product data normalization services experts precisely hypothesis a meaningful taxonomy, define a list of "navigation attributes", and subsequently normalize and populate values (taking inputs from manufacturer source materials, if required) for all items in the category.

Product Data Normalization in Process of eCommerce Data Migration

When online retail data convert to some other format or platform, the data often gets de-normalized in the procedure of migration, generally to the extent that the file appears corrupt. Fixed field files with inappropriate field types and/or layout is among the most common reasons for eCommerce database de-normalization.

In addition, eCommerce product data normalization services, Adept Data Services also undertakes eCommerce data migration plans, helping you build up and move your historical data sources, and successively – normalize it.

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