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Keyword Research Services

Substantial the right keywords to target is at the heart of SEO success. Keywords are the vital meeting point between a searcher’s query and your website. Before you can start any serious effort at improving your search rankings and traffic, you must know which keywords are most significant for you to target and which ones will make the prime difference to your business goals.

Your keywords set the track for the content you require to make to fascinate the right visitors (and prospective customers) to your site. So, achieve your keywords right is not only important to good SEO, it’s imperative for meeting your business goals.

Our keyword research services include the following:

  • Finding and researching for a possible set of keywords used by your potential customers.
  • Research on contextual keywords including Keyword geo-targeting
  • Emphasis on all major keywords and using them both for PPC campaigns and SEO purposes

Our effective SEO keyword research services set you up for success

Experience & Expertise

Adept Data Services has been providing keyword research services from the last 18+ years. We have full-time SEO team who comprehends the many shades of competitive keyword research.

Focus on Lead Generation

Companies capitalize in keyword research for SEO to make sales leads and revenue, and that is exactly where our attention is. Whether it’s a review of the utmost widespread terms or long tail keyword research, we select keywords based on their prospect of attracting attention from good potential customers.

Your Input Matters

We respect your input on keyword research and analysis! The information you have of your business and customer base is vital to identify search terms that fascinate leads, and eradicate ones that don’t. We’ve erudite a supportive approach gives you an edge over hands-off competitors!

How Our SEO Keyword Research Services Work

Our approach starts by capturing all potentially related keyword phrases, and then, through application of a variation of filters, whittling down that keyword universe to a final set of target keywords calculated to provide the biggest return. Features we consider include:

Target Audience Demographics: Considerate the characteristics and search behaviors of your target audience(s) is important for selecting keywords that fascinate the attention of highly qualified prospects.

Competitive Keyword Research: Occasionally, the smaller volume phrase is more promising. A smaller competitor competing for organic ranking position for a phrase being targeted by major players may not have the budget to compete.

Long Tail Search Terms: Long tail keyword research identifies lower volume phrases with high conversion probability and/or high conversion profitability. For example, only a few of users may search for a specific type of overhead crane – but if each sale represents $1 million in revenue, it would be well worth targeting.

Relevance: The expression “employee benefits seminars” may create a lot of volume, but if human resources outsource firm does not conduct seminars, it may not be worth targeting, since it can’t help users looking for this service and thus does not align with user intent.

Search Volume: A expression generating 40,000 monthly searches is likely to be much more promising than a similar phrase generating 4,000 monthly searches.

Specificity: The expression “packaging” has vast volume, but it is too broad in meaning to fascinate related searches. In contrast, a phrase such as “buy packaging boxes” has significantly less volume but extremely high relevance and user intent strength.

Local SEO Keyword Research: Keyword research for organizations helping local markets wants a separate methodology, and one in which we are very experienced.

The SEO experts at Adept Data Services have expertise with following keyword research tools:

  • Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
  • Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker
  • Google search based keyword tool
  • Google Trends
  • Wordpot Free Keyword Tool
  • NicheBot Classic
  • Google Insights for Search

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