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Remarketing Services

Remarketing services is a procedure of advertising offered by Google to boost conversions to the website. With the help of Adept Data Services’ Remarketing services, you can reach out to customers who have previously visited your website and returned without purchasing anything. While applying this Google remarketing advertising standard, you can now approach your client on different websites as they browse through the web, providing them with promotional offers and ultimately boost in sales.

How Google Remarketing Works:

A google remarketing follows a usual step to get boost in your conversions:

  • A user gets into your site either through search ads/direct means
  • The user visits your website & browse the products
  • Then the on the user leaves with either a conversion or not a conversion
  • If not, the user goes to other website with similar products for purchasing
  • Over here, remarketing comes into play where the user gets to see your ad on other websites with promotional offers & get reminded of the previous website visited. This way conversion to the website gets increased.

Why Google Remarketing Services?

With Google Rebranding/Remarketing services a lot of effective conversions can be satisfied. Some other benefits include:

Branding: Branding a very significant part of business and the more you expose the brand the more likely that the customers are to buy from when they make a purchase, intern boost in conversions.

Increased ROI: Cost involved in remarketing services is far lesser compared to other advertisement services with astonishing results. With the best in class conversions possible, leads to boost in ROI.

Flexible Approach: Based on budget, you can decide how much you would like to expose your brand on other methods and get boost conversions.

Choice of Audience: With the choice of which audience to select for your display ads you would get conversions only from a specific group, location specific audience.

Adept Data Services Google Remarketing Services:

We have a team of expert Google Remarketing Services professionals who are intended to offer the best conversions on a reasonable ROI. We have effectively managed clients with a conversion of over 20-30%.

Some of services, we offer:

  • Ad displayed to the users who have frequently visited any page of the website
  • Targeted users base who existed the shopping cart without purchasing
  • Ad displayed to the user who visited the website showed interest in purchasing but left without purchasing anything.
  • Ad displayed to the users who viewed specific product pages of the website.
  • Users targeted who bought with up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

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