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Video Optimization Services

Adept Data Services is one of the leading service providers of exclusive Video SEO services. We are not only the Top Video SEO Company India but also one of the first few companies to provide this service worldwide. We are assured of taking this comparatively new service to the next level for our clients due to our previous experience in this field. With us taking care of your Video SEO, you can stay certain of the viral result which you want your videos to achieve.

There are numerous reasons why your company should pay consideration to this aspect of SEO. The search results are now giving diverse results where the image as well as videos is showing up. There is a vast chunk of users who are favoring videos over long and monotonous text only Web Pages.

All videos with keywords in title are 54% more likely to end up in the first page of SERP.

A study shows 85% Americans watch online videos often which means close to 200 million people from USA alone is served with your video if the Video SEO is done properly.

Subsequently the Panda update from Google, Google allows video streaming, services and websites to rank even higher. Video sitemap is ahead popularity which is placed conspicuously on the site with all the videos interlinked strategically. Along with the traditional XML sitemap, this site map is gaining popularity.

Few Data To Make You Consider Seriously

As a Video SEO Company India we have managed many clients who came to us. While some of the foresighted clients required selected video SEO service, some of them wanted a comprehensive SEO package including video SEO.

We constantly do our research earlier, during and after serving a client. This has prime us to a few findings which may surprise you.

  • In the e-biz section, among the top 50 online retailers video usage increased 4 times, from 18% to 68%.
  • 40% of Google enquiries return a video on the first page.
  • 25% customers check the connected videos before buying a product.

The benefit of hiring a Video SEO India Company like Adept Data Services has various benefits:

  • We are in this profession for the last 10 years and now while many of our competitors who are offering this service are really new in this domain. There is no replacement of experience.
  • We use copies along with the title, by line and description of a video. Whether Google can read video or not, is a controversial topic. We take no risk and offer exact transcripts so Google crawler can read it and understand the video better. A good understanding leads to a better ranking of the video. Captions and subtitles are extra way which we use expansively to get better ranking for our clients.
  • Due to the effort, time and money required to produce a video Google considers a video to be much more important, informative and ranks it higher for the same reason. We exploit this fact finely by producing videos which are really useful and rich in audio video.
  • We carefully make the on page texts/content keeping the keywords used in the transcript. When the on-page keywords start matching the transcript keywords, the keyword density influence a peak without being considered as a spam. This enhance the overall ranking, as it has done for many of our clients.
  • Our social media marketing professionals works in tandem with the video SEO team which means in a very short time, we can make the video go viral using our extremely crowded social media channels. With our hard work, there are videos which ranked no 1 in search engine result pages.

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