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Book Conversion Services

All organizations have to deal with lots of informative data on daily basis. This data takes lots of space that is why it is better to convert all data in digital format. The most important benefit of digitization is that it is easy to use and takes less storage space. This is the main reason why every organization prefers to convert data in digital format. eBooks is the main source of digital information.

Book conversion is a process in which all the data converts from physical pages into electronic formats. Book conversion services help you to store and distribute data which takes lots of space easily. In short, make your books readable on various mediums such as laptop, desktop or palmtop computers.

Adept Data Services is the best book conversion services provider company. Our professionals are adept to convert both hard copy and soft copy to electronic formats. If you are running a library or a publishing house and are looking a book conversion services provider at reasonable price then you are here at right place. You need not to go anywhere!

Features of Our Book Conversion Services

Our professional team can manage book conversion services from various formats such as MS Word, Quark, Frame Maker etc. Our book conversion services include:

  • E-publishing conversion services
  • E-book conversion services
  • E-journal conversion services
  • E-zine conversion services
  • E-research paper conversion services
  • E-brochure conversion services

Adept's Book Conversion Process

Our book conversion process goes through from the following phases:

  • Scanning
  • Image Deskew
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Manual Correction
  • Mainline text cleaning
  • Styling and Proofing
  • Electronic file conversion
  • Editing and Completion

We deliver final converted files in formats like PDF, HTML and XML.

Benefits of using our book conversion services

  • State-of-the-art book conversion service methodology
  • Customized book conversion services to meet your requirements
  • Cooperative customer support to assist you round-the-clock
  • Decrease the amount of time and capital spent on maintaining your existing hard copy material
  • Increase the chances of book circulation through simultaneous readability access to your readers via an e-library or web platform

Outsource book conversion services to Adept Data Services to maximize your revenue. We help you to convert your books into digital format using latest technology without increasing operational cost. As a leading book conversion company in India, we believe in delivering fastest turnaround time for every project whether it is small or large.

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