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Data Abstraction Services

It can be a matter of frustration if a person has to extract two key points from a 100 page document. In this competitive market, business executives have to deal with loads of heavy documents. In these documents, most of data is irrelevant and unnecessary to comportment their daily tasks. This situation builds up frustration; reduce worker productivity and the reason of losses in the company.

Data abstraction is a process in which employee’s extracts key points and facts from a huge document represents it in a compact and concise manner. This process is called data abstraction.

Key Features of Our Data Abstraction Services:

  • Collecting, reading, reviewing, extracting the required information and details from large volumes of data or information
  • Summarizing the key points in a compact and crisp manner along with relevant references, keeping all the important information from the source document intact
  • Leveraging a variety of resources like web, printed files, client documents, etc., to search for your required piece of information
  • Stringent quality audit, editing and proofing, for accurate and superior output
  • Output can be in any standard or customized database format

Why choose Adept Data Services for your Data Abstraction Services partner?

Adept Data Services has been providing data abstraction services from the last 12+ years across the worldwide. Our professionals can easily extract information from a variety of documents such as corporate reports, products documents, production reports, customer details etc.

We are one of the best data abstraction service provider companies in India. When you outsource data abstraction services to us, you can use your resources on more valuable tasks. We keep your data secure and follow strict confidentiality policies.

Other Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Abstraction Services to Us:

  • Best turnaround times
  • Uncompromising data security
  • Economy. Cost savings of up to 60%
  • Improve visibility among customers
  • Brevity and accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Improved productivity

By selecting us as your data abstraction services provider, you can improve accuracy, productivity and deliveries. If you have ongoing requirements, the team can be available to assist you in your business hours for better communication.

We are ready to offer you a no obligation FREE QUOTE so that you can get a feel for our competitive rates before choosing our services.

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